March 24, 2010

total bust.

ok, i have to admit, the dining room is a total bust.

I totally suck at choosing paint colors - other than blues. I'm really good at picking out blues.

Part I: I went to Home Depot and wanted them to match this beautiful fresh green color from Sherwin Williams called "Lively Yellow". Turns out Behr (HD paint) has a color named... you guessed it "Lively Yellow". When I dispute the match the paint guy tells me... "It will dry darker". I trust him, go home, start painting, cutting in along the trim. I waited patiently for it to dry, even did a quick second coat on the cut in part. The color should be named Neon Butter cause thats what it looked like.

Part II: I return to get the color I want, the very nice paint guy matches my swatch from SW. Go home, excited, start cutting in. I really didn't L.O.V.E. it at that point but I know from experience that you can't judge a paint color until its all done, dry and you have the room put back together. Well, I did all that and still it SUCKS... looks like a green highlighter. poop.

Part III: Back to the drawing board. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

This is the fabric I want to coordinate with the paint color BUT I do not want orange, red, or yellow. The furniture is already painted a deep rich "peacock" blue - which I love and I AM NOT REPAINTING!

So I think it needs to be a green room, but I don't want a boring sage green or do I just need to go neutral...??? HELP!

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