December 28, 2010

Holiday Rewind

What a crazy unexpected Christmas this was.

As I mentioned, we were planning on heading up to the Great White North but decided to stay put because of snow....

so we had Skype-mas with my parents and sister
no, they are not in the witness protection program but since I've never discussed with them putting their mug up on the world wide interwebs... meet my family, the blurs.

so we visited some family only an hour or so away
and then we ended up getting snow anyways...
Charlie loved it by the way. He ran so much with his dog-cousins that he slept for 2 days straight afterward.We are all very big dorks. I told the family that this should be our Christmas card. Classic - 6 cell phones and a bottle of gin. Our 3 new ipads are not pictured.
Eric and his brother rocked out on their paper guitars.
and then we celebrated this handsome guy's 28th birthday on the 27th.

PHEW... I am tired.

my A. Liz originals

I am one lucky girl - I have not one but TWO great friends who make the most beautiful jewelry!!

And the best part is - their designs are completely different but both are just my style. Well, I take that back. The best part is, that they trade goods with me :)

Meet my new lovelies - my A. Liz originals:
April's work is just so lovely and sophisticated, chic and charming and southern, all rolled into one. These toggle earrings are my very favorite because I get two pairs of earrings in one. Just pop of the bottom part and VOILA, a simple gold circle (but I haven't done that yet cause I am a turquoise fanatic).
I've got my eye on this pair next (that is unless you beat me to it). ooooh smoky quartz.
and the cherry on top - she has a darling blog where you quickly realize it's not just her jewelry that is so adorable - she is too!

December 26, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas!

We woke up to 3 inches this morning. It's the first white Christmas since 1947!

December 24, 2010

I am not as cool as I think I am

I had a major blog realization today. My family reads my blog. WHAT? You mean people I'm related to actually read this thing I write (that's totally public and out there for all the world to see) WHAT?

Here's how it went down: Mom & I decided we needed to practice skype-ing because we were skype virgins and since the big Skype-mas 2010 is scheduled for tomorrow night, we needed a dress rehearsal.

I wore my best Mickey Mouse sweatshirt for the occasion.Mom: "Good thing we are practicing for Skype-mas"

Liz: "How did you know I called it Skype-mas"

Mom: "Oh, Cheryl told me"

Liz: "Aunt Cheryl?"

Mom: "Yeah, she and I were talking the other day and she asked me about Skype-mas"

Liz: "huh?"

Mom: "Yeah, she reads your blog. Adda does too! That's so cute that you called it Skype-mas"


YIKES!!! Must self-edit now.

December 22, 2010

cracked crack

Remember the one about the Peppermint Crack?

Here is what it looks like cracked.
I packaged it all up for our co-workers, mailman and sweet friends.
and batch #2, to be made on Christmas Eve will be enjoyed by friends on Christmas Day.
This crack is so not whack.

Inspiration Dumping Ground: Bathrooms

Next up in the Inspirational Virtual dumping post: Bathrooms!!!

Grab a book and some bubble bath and sink (get it, sink) into these great bathrooms.
It's the clawfoot tubs. They get me every single time.

photos from Martha Stewart, Sarah Richardson, Elle Decor, Country Living and all around the web.

December 21, 2010


I was walking through our living room aka the "front room", not to be confused with the "den" where we live... (confused yet?), and I just had to stop and pause to look at our Christmas tree.
See, we are not traveling to visit my side of the family in the Great White North as anticipated (thankyouverymuch Mr. Blizzard) so I'm a little nostalgic today. That little pause-and-admire the tree pulled at my heart-strings even more. I do wish I could open presents with my sister and parents on Christmas Eve. Instead we are going to have a Skype-mas on Christmas Eve - we'll open each others presents virtually.

Our little mantle is decked out too.
Hopefully Santa won't be looking for us in the Great White North...

December 19, 2010


You'll find me in the craft room.
Sewing. A lot of sewing going on.

I'm on top!

Make sure you don't have to pee before watching this.

New York's hottest holiday club is Blitzen.

December 17, 2010

Peppermint Crack

My inner fat kid cries out for this stuff at Christmas. Its like crack, dark and white chocolate crack. Crushed candy cane crack.
This is currently in my fridge. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it's not for me.

You can make some of this crack too.

December 16, 2010

Outfit Success. Self Portrait FAIL.

I was feeling especially saucy today and decided to spend longer than two minutes getting ready for work this afternoon.
First, I put on my leggings (which I have owned since last winter yet never worn). They're simple black adult looking leggings but I just can't ever seem to find an outfit to wear them with.
Then I put on my brown suede knee high boots NOT UGGS - which I have now owned for 3 years and never worn outside of the house. See, they have a rounded toe and I just can't wrap my head around the rounded toe. They don't look great under jeans and I refuse to be the girl that tucks her skinny jeans into ugg-lies.
next grabbed the classic white button-down, the black knit stretchy dress and finally a long grey cardigan.
PHEW... getting dressed is hard. Well, its not really hard, I'm just lazy and have been in a jeans and shirt/sweater/top rut for about a year now. boo.

"Nevermore, nevermore", said the gal in the raven dress.

As saucy as I was feeling leaving the house in my deceptively effortless-looking outfit, I couldn't take a decent picture. Self portrait FAIL.

Splendid Minta Annual Report: Places

Eric and I've done a bit of traveling this year, mostly close to home though.
In 2010 we have visited 5 states but driven through 5 more. We've seen the beach, the marsh, southern charm, one great concert, a Midwestern Indian summer, major snow and the odometer tick away on several road trips.
*St. Simons, Charlotte, and Aurora photos by me. Others borrowed from the web.

December 14, 2010

I aim to please.

See that fun little survey gadget up top on the right?

Can you do me a favor and click the answer that most applies to you, please?

Thank you. You are the best!

Splendid Minta Annual Report: Literature

While I am looking forward to 2011, it's really nice to see all that I've accomplished in 2010. I'll be chronicling it all in lists - consider it my personal Annual Report. You know for posterity or just plain-old good fashioned peaking-through-the-virtual-curtains curiosity.

For starters: Books read in 2010.
Go ahead,make fun - major chic-lit streak going on here BUT I did read a couple of classics, re-read the entire series of Little House on the Prairie and gobbled up some easy beachy reads. This year was more about escapism because 2011 is going to be the year of the text book - I figured I could indulge.

Upcoming Annual Report series features: movies, DIY projects, recipes, outfits, paint colors, finances. Stay Tuned

December 13, 2010

one down.

lots to go.

it's the 13th of what?

Someone forgot to tell me that Christmas is, uh, in 12 days.
So much to do, I haven't even finished decorating or even starting wrapping. Still need to plan for family visits, put away the Halloween decorations and finish up a couple of custom crafty orders.

I am behind the 8
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