March 7, 2010

Thumbs up, Thumbs down

Not so talkative tonight so here I am in a nutshell. (Help! I’m in a nutshell. Not funny? Oh.)

Remember the "Heads up Seven Up" Game??

Remember the "Heads up Seven Up" Game??

Thumbs up: great week of running. 5 miles under my Asics so far this week.

Thumbs down: Little April Rose blog scam. (google it if you don’t know already).

Thumbs up: Overtime pay. Woot. Woot.

Thumbs down: mountains of laundry.

Thumbs up: FAB massage from Karen today. Seriously, the perks of my job kick butt.

Thumbs down: THE HEAT!!! I mean seriously, 96 and its not even summer yet.

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