March 7, 2010

A is for Apron

I have a love affair with aprons. I know its a little strange but for some reason I have always been drawn to pretty aprons. I have a few beautiful retro ones and I am always scouring vintage shops for more. I have a confession to make though - I always forget to wear them and inevitably end up getting something on myself while making dinner. Is it too late to make a new years resolution? No, okay - I resolve to wear an apron more often. Afterall, aprons are meant to be worn not coveted right?

By now you have probably seen the aprons in my Etsy Shop but, you may not know that I’ve been making aprons for awhile. These are some I made for my Senior Art Show in college. They aren’t really practical but fun none the less.

Aprons from my Senior Art Show

Aprons from my Senior Art Show and younger me.

The aprons I made then were knitted out of grocery bags, quilted from can good labels, woven from classified ads, and fashioned out of a mechanic’s shirt (Harold’s to be exact). At this point in my life I was sort of dabbling in art that made a statement on feminism… I don’t think I knew the point I was trying to make with my art but it danced along the line of women finding a balance between domesticity and career. Now, having been a career woman and for the past couple months a housewife, I want both but don’t want either to suffer or lack in anyway. Is this ever possible?

If you know me personally, I have said many times, “I was born in the wrong era.” Check out this beautiful photo from the LIFE Magazine collection of historic photos on Google Images.

Maeve Brennan (R) of HARPER'S BAZAAR evaluating fancy apron worn  by a model.

Maeve Brennan (R) of HARPER'S BAZAAR evaluating fancy apron worn by a model. (1945)

To think, Aprons were evaluated by HARPER’s BAZAAR! Oh well, I am bringing ‘em back! You heard it hear first, Aprons are IN!

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