January 24, 2011

a Bobo Haiku

when chewing Bobo
the squeek can be signal
of impending doom

do you haiku?

yes, you have homework and other blogging adventures

ok Blogger is being poopy... thus the change in layout. Sorry for any confusion for my 3 loyal readers. I am kinda anal about how my blog looks, just call me vain - its the old advertising girl in me. I have to admit, even without the personalized header of yore, I kinda like the notebook paper. Hope you do too!

I've had a couple of people ask me how I do my headers, etc. I will prep a little DIY header tutorial for y'all once Blogger gets it sh*t together.

Until then, just pretend reading Splendid Minta is your homework assignment - except you actually enjoy it.

January 23, 2011

DIY Plantable Seed Pots

I am officially over winter but, no where close to being ready for summer. Let's just stay spring all year long, ok? OK!

I got my big packet of seeds from Henry Fields really quick - and now I cannot wait to get those babies started... but I can't just yet.

A couple of key pieces of info are important for deciding when to set out plants. First, I need to know approximately when I want to set out my plants... aka, when can I actually dig the holes in the garden to plant the plants. A quick look at the 2011 Farmer's Almanac predicts the last frost for my area around April 1st - so I have to plant after that.
I know from planting a garden for the past couple of years that planting around Easter seems to work best for me - its still cool enough that my lettuce doesn't wilt in the summer heat but also warm enough that the tomatoes start going and I'll have some great fruit by early summer. Easter is April 24 this year so somewhere in between April 1 and April 24 will be best. A good hard and fast rule for planting is that you want the ground temperature to stay consistently over 50 degrees - even overnight.

Most of the seeds I ordered suggest starting them indoors 6 to 8 weeks before planting. Starting them indoors where its warmer and they still get sun or artificially get light through grow lights (yes, think Weeds season 4) is ideal. Working backwards from April 16th, my targeted plant date, I determined that I would start seedlings on February 19th.

So between now and Feb. 19th I really need to get on prepping the new homes that the seedlings will be growing in until they are ready to go live in the garden. I've used seed pods and seedling trays before but, this year, since I am cheap and also plan on growing A LOT of seedlings to give away and really have a prolific garden - again because I am cheap - I needed this to be a DIY project. There are several great options out there including recyling toilet paper or paper towel rolls cut in half but I am going with the newspaper option.
WHY you ask? While the toilet paper roll option would be much quicker and less work, I just don't think there is anyway I can save up oh about 100 tubes in the next month. We just don't go that much. sorry.
The DIY seed pots made of newspaper seem to be really easy - basically you take a strip of newspaper (black ink only) and make a little "cup" - using a flour and water paste to seal the deal. This seed pot can be planted right in your garden or easily peeled off when planting.

Eric and I are going to have a little seedling pot making party soon - we need to churn out about 100 of these babies over the next month. I'll be sure to let you know if I plan on ever doing this project again afterward. Has anyone else done this?

*photos from Farmers Almanac, Re-Nest and Chicago Tribune - links in text

January 22, 2011

Technical Difficulties

My header is being wonky... I had a really cute new one to put up but we'll just have to wait til Blogger fixes it. Any other Blogger users having the same "Blurry Header" issue? It seems to be pretty rampant in the discussion board.

January 21, 2011

I love that part.

Do you ever have those days/weeks/months when you and your significant other totally click, have long conversations about nothing for hours on end, you forget what time it is, just want to be as close to them as possible, when your heart totally aches with love?

I love that part.

*photo by moi, taken just as it started spitting snow a couple of weeks ago

January 18, 2011

Get on it!

I bought my first Groupon today!! WOO HOOO!!!

Seriously, I've been stalking it for about a year now but just snatched up this $10 for $20 at Bath & Body Works. SOLD. I mean I am going to shop there anyway right?

Go get the groupon!

January 14, 2011

word of the day: blerg.


- 2 snow days
- 1 snow-delay day
- 2 actual days of class this week
- 3 workouts this week
- several chapters of various books read
- flashcards started
- 3 beers on friday night
- new fav bar Flying Saucer = gut.
conversations had: dankso shoes, marketing majors, porter, charleston beers, know it alls.
- sleepy
more coherant post coming soon.

January 10, 2011

I can't believe it

It really did snow. For the 2nd time this winter. For the 3rd time in 2 years in South Carolina. Hello Global Warming. (and Hi Al Gore!)
*photos by moi

January 9, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

so apparently, even though we haven't had any precipitation here in the drrrrry south, we are bracing for snowpocalypse 11. poop.
all local school districts are canceled for Monday, the city and county offices, outpatient Drs. offices, the university - where I was supposed to start my first day of classes tomorrow also canceled. poop.

excuse me while I pout tonight. i have been waiting for tomorrow for so long, I just want to go to school. poop.

*photo taken the day after Christmas by moi.

January 7, 2011

the early bird...

...gets the seeds on sale.
Even though it's only 42 degrees here in the drrrrty south, I am looking forward to spring - mostly looking forward to my garden and the bounty of veggies I plan on raising this year.

My annual Henry Fields catalog came in the mail a week or so ago and that great coupon for $50 worth of seeds for $25 just could not be passed up.
trying to fill your cart with $50 worth of seeds is kind of hard.

I managed though. You should never worry about a girl having a hard time filling her shopping cart.

Here are some of my favorites:
And for the full list: cucumbers (slicing & pickling), dill, basil, cilantro, lettuce blend, buttercrunch lettuce, green onions, bell peppers (red & yellow), yellow squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, eggplant, and sugar snap peas

Buying $50 worth of seeds means I will have something like 2500 seeds to actually germinate, thin and plant. This may have been a mistake.

*please do not quote me on this but I think a coupon code is on every catalog or order on the website. The offer is good through February 18, 2011.

so so lucky

this handsome guy gave me a kiss this morning before he left for work.
oh the bowtie, and the starched shirt and that smile

January 5, 2011

Splendid Minta Annual Report: House Projects

It's that time again.

Time to revel in 2010's accomplishments and I think it's safe to say, our house has come a long way baby.
without further ado, 2010's DIY projects:
a) installed a medicine cabinet in the master bath; b) the front yard got a haircut; c) painted the paneling and trim in the den; d) up-cycled 5 thrift store lamps

a) refurbished a set of vintage bouncy patio chairs; b) removed the pergola-thingy blocking the den windows; c) painted our wrought-iron fence; d) built our spindle-leg farm table

a) removed lovely floral wallpaper in our master bath and installed a new light; b) ripped out the old closet and installed a more efficient system in our master closet; c) painted the front door glossy black; d) turned the ugly 80's brass chandy into a showstopper

a) painted our found (in the attic!!) twin bed frames; b) painted the hallway a moody smokey grey; c) gave our kitchen a major face-lift with paint; d) pressure washed all our sidewalks, siding and patios - MAJOR GROSS!

a) built our own hutch/sideboard; b) chopped down the monster Lady Banks Rose bush; c) built a raised bed garden and had a bumper crop last summer; d) painted the dining room 3 times, yes, 3 times - this shows color #2 and color #3 is the cut in color - much better.


We did a lot. In total we probably spent about $600 on all the projects above - most of the cost being for lumber and paint. Lots and lots of paint. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of man hours spent. I am overwhelmed thinking about it all.

Looking forward to 2011 - the house projects will be scaled back a bit while I am in school but I do want to accomplish the following:
- painting the moulding in the ENTIRE HOUSE, all the same color of course
- giving the pink bathroom a free (or mostly free facelift)
- possibly moving the laundry facilities from the kitchen to the soon-to-be mudroom/laundry/craft room.
- stripping and re-caulking & painting the windows on the outside of the house.

The Dewey Decimal system of links

Let's get real here, I spend a fair amount of time "Rogging". What is Rogging you say? It's Liz-speak for blog reading. Is there an actual word out there for this act? I visit crafty sites, home improvement ones, a few fashion and cooking blogs too. Most days I find a few projects/recipes/ideas that I want to file away for later use and these typically get dragged to a bookmark titled CRAFTY LINKS on my firefox browser window.

NO MORE... In an effort to be more efficient, use the blog for more purposes other than pretty pictures and little notes on life, I've created the Splendid Minta Link Library. Here you can find some of my favorite craft projects I have yet to try, yummy recipes, some cool DIY projects and just general links I don't want to lose. Go see if there is anything you like too...

January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

WOW. 2011. or is it aught eleven.

*stay tuned for a few more Splendid Minta Annual Reports. I've got 2 big ones in the works - DIY and one on money, money, money, money, it's the opening of the virtual wallet.

pic of the day from The Telegraph by artist Harwinder Singh Gill.
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