March 7, 2010

Decidedly Un-Inspired

My “genuis”* must be on Spring Break.

I keep showing up for work, and producing nothing. Let the record show that I showed up for work (albeit, in my PJs).

Tonight I tried a new method. Try something new, anything new. I first tried to repurpose a silver clutch by adding the “Splendid Minta” touch - RUFFLES. It was a bust. Yes, the idea was great, and I love the way it looks from a distance but I ran into a kink trying to sew too close to the snap closure and the stiches are all jabberwoky…

Attempt #2 making a felt broach for a headband. Also a bust, turned out looking like a loofa on the top of my head (you know the kind you bathe with). Not a good look unless thats what your going for. I’ll call the look “Bathing Beauty”.

Attempt #3 - a graduation present for my baby sister. I can’t believe she is graduating from HS and about to turn 18!!! When did she grow up? This was a bit more successful. I am making a quilted laptop case for her to take to Big Girl College!!! I’ll be sure to post a tutorial when I am done as it is turning out to be very easy.

Needless to say, I am feeling a little discouraged. Wish I had some photos of my failed attempts at creativity but instead I’ll leave you with this… my happy place. This gorgeous studio would certainly entice my “genius” to show up for work.

Heather Bailey's Studio

Heather Bailey's Studio

* Go back a few posts and check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk at TED. Or click here to watch it.

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