March 7, 2010

Aprons & Tea Towels & Etsy… OH MY!

WOW is all I have to say, I am so blessed and so thankful for the great response to my Etsy shop! Thank you!

I mentioned I had sewing and fabric news coming soon and here’s the scoop… Eric gave me a beautiful new sewing machine for my Birthday (which technically isn’t until June) but how sweet is that - he is investing in me and my dream, I couldn’t ask for more!

AND - my new machine does embroidery, how cool is that! I have to learn how to do it but now I will be able to offer monogramming on all my items (plus you know everything in my house will be monogrammed now)! So keep checking back for new items and info on the monogramming.

Hello Lover!

Hello Lover!

AND - I have added new fabric to my stash so new designs and new items coming soon - in fact, I added 2 new aprons today, and I sold 2 today, so I have a LOT of sewing to do!

lovely new fabric came to live with me

lovely new fabric came to live with me

xoxo - Liz

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