March 31, 2010

Beach Break

We took a break from choosing awful paint colors to head to St. Simons, Ga with my hubby's parents. We played golf (and by WE, I mean Eric played and I drove the cart and played caddy). We shopped and played Euchre (shout out to the midwest)!

I just L-O-V-E the Spanish moss practically dripping from every tree on the island. I contemplated bringing some home to try and propagate but logic got the best of me - 1. its so prolific there wouldn't it have already spread north if it could grow here and 2. if it could grow where I live, do I really want to start a Spanish Moss epidemic?

It doesn't matter where we go in the South, I have to grab a photo of Palmettos... I just love em!

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well.

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