March 7, 2010

Happy Easter from the Farm

Happy belated Easter everyone!

Eric and I had the most wonderful Easter Sunday filled with friends and adopted family. We were fortunate to be invited to share Easter “Dinner” with one of Eric’s co-workers family at their 100+ acre farm in Blythewood, SC. The pictures you are about to see do not do it justice, just a perfect spring day, 65 and sunny, sitting outside with four generations eating homemade mac & cheese, ham, turkey, homemade caramel cake, and homemade Sweet Tea (I have to stop, I am getting hungry again) all overlooking this gorgeous property, lake and 100+ year old farmhouses.Beautiful old farmhouse on the property the family uses for holiday get-togethers and overnight guests. It didn't have running water or electricity originally.

Our view while enjoying Easter Dinner

Some of the family members gave me a quick tour of the house and I just loved this little ceramic pig hanging on the wall as well as this wall of photos. It is just so beautiful to me because of the way it has evolved over the years, no matching frames, the photos are B/W & color, etc. (PS this is only 1/8th of the wall, it was huge)!

Eric and I finished out Easter Sunday with a cookout at our neighbors house - what a wonderful day. Hope yours was just as lovely! Happy Easter everyone!

I just love this photo of Eric deep in conversation with one of the Great Aunts about how the Yankees couldn’t take Charleston (thats pronounced Chaaaawllston), during the “War of Northern Aggression” because of the Pluff Mud.

PS - I have exciting sewing & fabric news coming soon so stay tuned!

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