March 7, 2010

Audrey Apron for a good cause

If you know me IRL* you know by now that I name my aprons after special ladies in my life. Barbara Ann is my grandmother, Mary is my sister, etc. The Audrey Apron is no different.

The Audrey Apron

The Audrey Apron

Little Audrey Caroline Smith is the beautiful daughter of Angie Smith, author of Bring the Rain, a wonderfully written and inspiring blog about Audrey Caroline and how in her few short hours of life, she has touched so many. Audrey’s story led me back into the hands of the Lord and for this I couldn’t be more grateful.

To honor her and continue to bless others I created the Audrey apron and all proceeds will benefit the Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville, TN - an organization near and dear to her family. One of the rooms at the Hope Clinic is even named after sweet Audrey.

The sweet Audrey Apron is crafted from 100% cotton, pink cherry blossom (go check out Bring the Rain to find out why), pink polka-dots and pink gingham fabric.

Please go see the Audrey Apron, take some time to read Audrey’s story and go check out the great work being done at The Hope Clinic for Women.

The Audrey Apron could come live with you for a small donation to the Hope Clinic in Audrey Caroline’s name or if you feel compelled to give more than the purchase price of the apron, email me or go directly to the Hope Clinic’s site to donate online!



*In real life

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