October 16, 2010

The Betty Draper Kitchen - After

You remember what it looked like before right?....
Well, no more. We promptly (as in less than a month after closing on this puppy - which was about a year ago now. Man I am late in sharing these pics) painted them.

Lets just say that this little guy and I are BFFs now.
We primed with Kilz and primed and primed... and my hand almost fell off. All the doors lived in our sunroom for a few days.
And our kitchen looked straight out of an episode of Hoarders for awhile.
We decided we were going to replace the hardware since it was a nice dated "copper" hammered look. BUT... the problem was the doors have this little beveled edge and there is not a hinge out there that would sit right. Without either trimming all sides of the doors or changing the doors so the hinges would sit inside the cabinets and re-drilling everything, we were SOL. So we kept the hardware BUT we did give it a coat of gloss black spray paint and updated the drawer pulls to the half circle looking kind. Not a major improvement but it when you pair it with the new paint job it looked cute and modern and still a little bit cottage/country. Finally... the after shot - the color is "Coastal Jeddy" which is an old Sherwin Williams color - but we had it mixed in Valspar.
The counter tops were here when we moved in as well as the black dishwasher but they work so much better now... eventually I would love to put Carerra (sp?) marble in but for now the gleaming white Formica is just fine. We also upgraded the faucet when my brother-in-law...you're never going to believe this...decided to stab our old one while washing knives. Literally he cut our old faucet right at the place where the water comes out so whenever you turned the water on you got sprayed right in the face. Hilarity ensued and my father-in-law and brother-in-law wrestled with the old one for about an our before this beauty finally went into place. I've always loved the scalloped detail but I really love it in grey. swoon. They just don't make that kind of detail anymore. Suck it new construction.

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  1. it's sad how we've gotten rid of every last bit of knotty pine in the house...and you made me take down the wagon wheel light fixture. now my special chaps are virtually useless.


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