January 5, 2011

The Dewey Decimal system of links

Let's get real here, I spend a fair amount of time "Rogging". What is Rogging you say? It's Liz-speak for blog reading. Is there an actual word out there for this act? I visit crafty sites, home improvement ones, a few fashion and cooking blogs too. Most days I find a few projects/recipes/ideas that I want to file away for later use and these typically get dragged to a bookmark titled CRAFTY LINKS on my firefox browser window.

NO MORE... In an effort to be more efficient, use the blog for more purposes other than pretty pictures and little notes on life, I've created the Splendid Minta Link Library. Here you can find some of my favorite craft projects I have yet to try, yummy recipes, some cool DIY projects and just general links I don't want to lose. Go see if there is anything you like too...

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