May 4, 2010

The one about the hutch

I'm back to share some deets on our first foray into furniture building.

Necessity is definitely the mother of invention and we NEEDED some storage and display space in our dining room. Lets just say I have a affinity for serving dishes and silverware. Can you blame a girl? Insert Knock Off Wood, a fab blog that shares FREE furniture plans for pieces inspired by pricey places like Pottery Barn, West Elm and more. Seriously, Ana does amazing work and has plans for everything from storage, outdoor pieces, kids and even beds! Click here to see thumbnails of all the things you can make.

We chose this dresser-esque buffet and display shelf top - sort of hutch-like for our needs.

We followed the shopping list, cut the wood and started building... pretty soon we had this:

Thank you Mrs. M for the Jawhorse - we literally couldn't have done it without this! Then, not too long later (as in 2 days of 4 hours each work) we had this... drawers y'all!

Then the next weekend we built the hutch part and sanded those babies like CRAZY! We painted both with a coat of primer and a nice fun color - I'll be posting some finished pictures soon.

It was super easy and cost a total of about $125! Try buying a new piece of furniture for that!

BONUS: Now I know Eric and I can build ANYTHING which means we probably will... what are you going to build?


  1. Looks fantastic! I love Ana! I've built the bigger kid's picnic table and today I'm going to go get wood for either a couple of outdoor benches or a dining table. I really, really want to build the new Apothecary table.

  2. Looks so nice. This is a piece I'm interested in making, too. Love seeing it this far along!

  3. Can't wait to see the pieces painted. Gorgeous work! And I now must have a Jawhorse!!!


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