January 5, 2011

Splendid Minta Annual Report: House Projects

It's that time again.

Time to revel in 2010's accomplishments and I think it's safe to say, our house has come a long way baby.
without further ado, 2010's DIY projects:
a) installed a medicine cabinet in the master bath; b) the front yard got a haircut; c) painted the paneling and trim in the den; d) up-cycled 5 thrift store lamps

a) refurbished a set of vintage bouncy patio chairs; b) removed the pergola-thingy blocking the den windows; c) painted our wrought-iron fence; d) built our spindle-leg farm table

a) removed lovely floral wallpaper in our master bath and installed a new light; b) ripped out the old closet and installed a more efficient system in our master closet; c) painted the front door glossy black; d) turned the ugly 80's brass chandy into a showstopper

a) painted our found (in the attic!!) twin bed frames; b) painted the hallway a moody smokey grey; c) gave our kitchen a major face-lift with paint; d) pressure washed all our sidewalks, siding and patios - MAJOR GROSS!

a) built our own hutch/sideboard; b) chopped down the monster Lady Banks Rose bush; c) built a raised bed garden and had a bumper crop last summer; d) painted the dining room 3 times, yes, 3 times - this shows color #2 and color #3 is the cut in color - much better.


We did a lot. In total we probably spent about $600 on all the projects above - most of the cost being for lumber and paint. Lots and lots of paint. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of man hours spent. I am overwhelmed thinking about it all.

Looking forward to 2011 - the house projects will be scaled back a bit while I am in school but I do want to accomplish the following:
- painting the moulding in the ENTIRE HOUSE, all the same color of course
- giving the pink bathroom a free (or mostly free facelift)
- possibly moving the laundry facilities from the kitchen to the soon-to-be mudroom/laundry/craft room.
- stripping and re-caulking & painting the windows on the outside of the house.


  1. You go girl and keep up the good work! Good luck with school!

  2. Holy moly. You guys have been busy. And your house is so lovely!


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