May 21, 2010

Oh so much better

See that hole in the ceiling above? That is where this fugly thing used to be.
But with a little TLC (aka a wipe down with wet paper towel), painters tape and a little black spray paint...
It looks so pottery barn.

SEE?? So much better!
You can do this at home too. Turn any old 80's brass fixture into a gem. Just be sure to clean off all the dust and dirt, tape off all the electrical components including the place where the bulbs go (I made a little paper sleeve for the "candle" part) and the top of the wires. You might want to use "Krylon" type spray paint that will stick to anything. Another great tip - if you are painting something spherical or in my case something I wanted to cover top, bottom and all sides - hang it up. I hung my chandelier from the tree and it made it so much easier.

PS - you get a sneak peak of the FINAL COLOR (and I mean final - 4th paint job is the charm) in the dining room.

PPS - I really need to paint the ceiling after looking at these pictures.


  1. i am definitely going to need you to come decorate once i move...

  2. You bet! Would be an honor!

  3. I have one similar .. and cannot decide to paint it.. your's came out beautiful..
    must give a try myself..

  4. That is amazing! I love it.

    Love this and I would love if you would post it to my Upcycled Awesome Linky party!

  5. It looks great and YES, you should paint your ceiling to match your walls, it will look wonderful and really show off the moldings. I have a similar color in my house and the ceilings are all painted the same color. Looks excellent!

  6. Hello! I found your blog because I also painted my dining room lively yellow and can not stand it. Tell me about the color you ended up going with, it looks great! Alexis


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