March 1, 2011

Sweet Tater Charity Auction Preview

My dear old friend Katie of Sweet Tater Blog fame is hosting an online Bake Sale to raise funds for her upcoming service trip to Nicaragua on Thursday 3/3 from 10am to 11pm EST.

Katie is traveling with her university over Spring Break to participate in service learning projects in Nicaragua and she needs your help. Here's what she'll be doing over there...besides living in a hammock(!)

1. Participate in an archaeological dig for ancient artifacts which will then be used to create a small local museum that will drive traffic to the area and build up their economy

2. Provide nutritional counseling and medical supplies to the local people. This will involve: planting a community garden, presenting cooking demos using local produce and participating in dietary recalls and evaluations at a free clinic that we'll be running with doctors from a nearby city. (Our medical supplies have been donated by a doctor in the US.)

3. Acquire an understanding of and compassion for a highly impoverished, malnourished population and contribute to a group effort to improve their way of life without imposing our own American practices, foods or ideals

Really cool right? You can help too. Incredible bloggers from all over are donated yummy baked goods and you can snatch them up and help people in Nicaragua too!

I'm participating too! Here's a sneak peak at the Splendid Minta contribution:
I know you can't eat tea towels, but you're going to need something to wipe your mouth with, right?

Now... head over to Sweet Tater to check out sweet Katie and then be sure to head back over on Thursday and buy some yummy grub.

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  1. thank you so much, liz! these are adorable. you are wonderful.


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