March 9, 2011

Dreading, Dreading...

Up next, my most favorite thing to do ever. Painting Trim... wah, wah, waaaahhhh....

Here's the rub: Before we bought our house back in 2009 (wow, can't believe it's been that long), the previous owners had the trim painted. I understand why because the old trim color was a greenish-off-white. GROSS. See this picture, where paint is chipping... the color underneath was the trim color. Again, EWWW.
BUT... The painters (whether just dumb or lazy) painted with latex paint over the older oil based paint. PAINTING FOUL!!! I take it back, I mean, it can be done but only if - as the guy at Sherwin Williams told me - the old wall/trim is clean, dull and dry. That didn't happen in our house and this is what happens.
Not really attractive is it? In some spots they really didn't even finish the job...
Now you see why I am dreading this project. The painters however were nice enough to leave an empty trim paint bucket and it was labeled with the paint color... HALLELUJAH! I had picked up a chip of the color back when we bought the house... the trim was already chipping way back then.

I just had to find it...
The color used is Pure White from Sherwin Williams SW7005. (right above the color that is starred)
and today is the day. I picked up a gallon of latex trim paint from Sherwin yesterday. I know, you're saying, "But, you just said, the problem was the latex paint." You are right, I had a lengthy discussion with the paint guy about the best way to proceed. Here were my two options:

1. sand extensively all the trim in the house (approximately 2,876,858,865 miles of baseboard, chair railing, doors, crown, windows, etc). Clean all the dust. Prime with oil based primer and then paint with oil based semi gloss.

2. Lightly sand the trouble spots, clean all trim really well. Paint with latex semi gloss paint.

DUH, I went with #2.

If you need me, I will be on a ladder with my hand cramped in a claw around my paint brush. SAVE ME!!!

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  1. I would have went with option two as well. I need to paint my baseboards as well, they are looking kinda dingy.


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