February 28, 2011

the best i can do today

- today's theme song, the one I started singing as I got dressed this am: "La Vie Boheme"
- Why? because I threw on jeans - french cuffed, a tank top, a long cardi, a pashmina, the first necklace I saw, my glasses and then a gladiator kinda headband over my top knot hairdo. It's a crazy day and please believe me when I say I would fit right in at the long table in Rent with this outfit.
- in the library since 7am... homework and midterm tests to do
- must get eyebrows waxed asap (don't look at them)

Spring Break is next week and today's outfit just reflects that fact that I need a little break. I love school, do not get me wrong, but my brain needs to take a nap for about a week. Being on the beach would be better but honestly, I am just excited to do a few DIY home improvement type things. I've got three projects I want to tackle that week and all come in under $100 total. I will be sure to share. Yea, you betcha.

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