March 26, 2011

Open House: Master Bedroom

By popular demand (by Hawley, thank you very much), I'm going to give you a little tour of the house. It's about time right?

While Jess was down this weekend, she was like "Let's take pictures of your house so you can blog about it." I said, "BUT, It's not done yet, I mean I have to finish x, y, and z." She said, "So what!" and that was that.

Lets start in the Master Bedroom shall we?
This might be my favorite room in the house. (I have a feeling I will say that about every room).
Now for the sources:
Paint: Zen by Behr
Bed: Ikea - Vanvik frame, I think it's discontinued, this one is pretty close.
Linens: Grey from Ikea, the white shams were cheapies from TJMaxx, Yellow Flower from Target
Side Tables: thrifted and painted sunny yellow
Dresser: hand me down
Lamps: thrifted and painted white
Accessories: old yearbooks on the night stands, jewelry box from Pottery Barn, Shadow Box from Hobby Lobby for hanging jewelry, E&E Print from Silhouette Blue.


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