March 30, 2011

Open House: Living Room

Welcome to our living room, that we never live in although it holds some of my favorite furniture pieces.
Paint: I have no idea, it was this color when we moved in. It's reading really "granny smith" in these photos, it is much more sage in real life.
Couch: Craiglist $75 score - it was originally in the psychology department at USC
Coffee Table: vintage military cedar trunk
Chairs: Ebay find, anyone know what they are?
Rug: jute from Lowes
Side Table (by the couch): vintage desk
Bar: family heirloom - it's actually a drop leaf dining room table
Blue Hutch: we built this!
Glass Lamp on the Bar: Thomas O'Brein (I think) for Target
Lamp on the side table: Walmart circa 2000
Artwork: over the bar - Sarah Pollock Searle; over the couch - original pieces mixed with friends work from college and a few garage sale finds in Ikea Ribba frames; on the mantel - hodgepodge of ceiling tins, mirrors and frames, original work and Lemon print from DearColleen

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