December 28, 2010

Holiday Rewind

What a crazy unexpected Christmas this was.

As I mentioned, we were planning on heading up to the Great White North but decided to stay put because of snow....

so we had Skype-mas with my parents and sister
no, they are not in the witness protection program but since I've never discussed with them putting their mug up on the world wide interwebs... meet my family, the blurs.

so we visited some family only an hour or so away
and then we ended up getting snow anyways...
Charlie loved it by the way. He ran so much with his dog-cousins that he slept for 2 days straight afterward.We are all very big dorks. I told the family that this should be our Christmas card. Classic - 6 cell phones and a bottle of gin. Our 3 new ipads are not pictured.
Eric and his brother rocked out on their paper guitars.
and then we celebrated this handsome guy's 28th birthday on the 27th.

PHEW... I am tired.

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