December 16, 2010

Outfit Success. Self Portrait FAIL.

I was feeling especially saucy today and decided to spend longer than two minutes getting ready for work this afternoon.
First, I put on my leggings (which I have owned since last winter yet never worn). They're simple black adult looking leggings but I just can't ever seem to find an outfit to wear them with.
Then I put on my brown suede knee high boots NOT UGGS - which I have now owned for 3 years and never worn outside of the house. See, they have a rounded toe and I just can't wrap my head around the rounded toe. They don't look great under jeans and I refuse to be the girl that tucks her skinny jeans into ugg-lies.
next grabbed the classic white button-down, the black knit stretchy dress and finally a long grey cardigan.
PHEW... getting dressed is hard. Well, its not really hard, I'm just lazy and have been in a jeans and shirt/sweater/top rut for about a year now. boo.

"Nevermore, nevermore", said the gal in the raven dress.

As saucy as I was feeling leaving the house in my deceptively effortless-looking outfit, I couldn't take a decent picture. Self portrait FAIL.


  1. Love this outfit! How tall are those boots, girlfriend? I most definitely 100% busted my fat little white ass walking into work yesterday in FLATS. On dry ground. In the daylight. I missed the curb, landed on my hands and knees, and then rolled like a turtle on its back. Truly, it was one of my finest moments. You're welcome.

  2. you look awesome in those boots!


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