December 4, 2010

Somthing happened along the way...

I got fat. (CRINGE!)

Let's file this post under "I can't believe I am sharing this with you" or "Did she really just say that".

Sure, I am all for sharing how to make a family tree, or the woes of picking paint colors (let your color-blind husband do it) and even the best way to scrub grout (Magic Erasers) but getting uber personal (especially about jiggly body parts) is so not my demographic. Bear with me.

Let's start at the very beginning.

Exhibit A: Healthy weight Liz - late high school/Freshman Year College 2001 approx BMI: 24, size 8

Exhibit B: College Sophomore year , Fall 2002 (hi Molly!) - notice the lack of muffin-top BMI: approx 27

Exhibit C: College grad Liz aka Fat-face, Spring 2005 BMI: approx 32 Size 12/14
Exhibit D: Runner Liz (Hi Jenny!), circa spring 2008, lightest post college BMI: approx 27.5 Size 8/10

Exhibit E: Easter 2010, holy crap, who is that? BMI approx: 31. Size 12/14 This is the picture that prompted me to be a better eater over the summer 2010, practically vegetarian for 4 months.

Exhibit F: Blogger Liz, Fall 2010 who you calling chunky? It's the sweatshirt. Thankyouverymuch. BMI: 29.8, Size 12So this is where I get serious. It's about time I did it for me, to feel, look and BE healthy. FOR-EVER!

I'm doing it the old fashioned way, eating less calories and burning more. Really, no fad here. I of course want to share more but let me see how everything goes first. I certainly don't want to tell everyone "Do exactly what I am doing!" when I've only been doing it for a little while anyway. Capish?

This post is pretty selfish on my behalf, I am hoping this show and tell session will keep me accountable. So, collective cringes and you-go-girls are more than welcome.


  1. You = GENIUS!! I refuse to put *any* recent pictures of myself online anywhere because I've become such a hog, but doing this might actually be good for me...hmmmm...I will think on this. Once again, you inspire me!

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!! :)

  3. that is my thought process for sure. public awareness of my "unfavorite" pictures (as if the public doesn't already know what I look like) just may keep me honest and prevent me from hiding behind the screen.

  4. does this comment make my butt look big?

  5. You're awesome for putting this out there! I'm so right there with you...the pounds have slowly piled on me. Let me know your tips because I need to work on my health and weight too! You go girl! :)


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