December 21, 2010


I was walking through our living room aka the "front room", not to be confused with the "den" where we live... (confused yet?), and I just had to stop and pause to look at our Christmas tree.
See, we are not traveling to visit my side of the family in the Great White North as anticipated (thankyouverymuch Mr. Blizzard) so I'm a little nostalgic today. That little pause-and-admire the tree pulled at my heart-strings even more. I do wish I could open presents with my sister and parents on Christmas Eve. Instead we are going to have a Skype-mas on Christmas Eve - we'll open each others presents virtually.

Our little mantle is decked out too.
Hopefully Santa won't be looking for us in the Great White North...


  1. aw, sad! if it makes you feel any better, we'll probably still be sitting at the airport come christmas day trying to get up there. i think your skypemas sounds lovely. when life gives you snow... have christmas anyway. :)

  2. I'm sure he'll find you. You're too adorable to pass by!! Hope your skypemas is everything you need it to be. :)

  3. Your tree is beautiful. I hope it's a Merry Southern Christmas for you and Eric!


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