July 24, 2010

I love you a bushel and a peck

I bought a peck of peaches about 10 days ago. There are 2 left. They were really good.
To further cement my place as the queen of freezer jam I made peach preserves and peach/strawberry jam. I cannot wait to taste a little bit of summer in the cold of winter (and I mean cold, it gets down to 40 here in SC during January). Don't be jealous cause its been 105 for the past 3 months with 80% humidity.

Upcoming crafty pursuits:
the quilt - to be perfectly honest, it won't be the first quilt I've made - the first one I made was a t-shirt quilt for Eric back in college. (it's not rectangle at all)
actually canning - I mean using the processing in boiling water method. For some reason this totally scares me.

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