July 18, 2010


and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The test went amazingly well. I was so nervous going into it but, it seems my preparation was just right as I kicked that tests booty. YAY! Now onto the final application work and waiting to hear if I've been accepted.

So, onto the next project: The 3rd bedroom.

While my parents were here this week, my mom and I discussed turning our 3rd bedroom into another guest room. Right now its just this furniture dumping ground and place to put things that don't go anywhere else in the house. Boring. Back when we moved into the house in August '09, we discovered two twin beds in the attic. They are maple cutout headboard and foot board sets - and will look darling with a fresh coat of paint. I think we'll make use of them in the 3rd bedroom!

I didn't realize it but, I've been collecting photos of bedrooms with twin beds and now have quite a few to pull for inspiration. Check em' out.
Don't you just love twin beds in a guest room? Scratch that - don't you just love twin beds in any room? They are so darling and I love the proportion of bedding to headboards and the opportunity to do two of everything - Call me a dork, I think my favorite is the mirror image aspect of it all.

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