July 25, 2010

Blog Housekeeping

Allow me to bring your attention to a few new things you may have noticed here at Splendid Minta.

At the bottom of each post you'll see this great little toolbar:
You can email a recipe to someone who might like it, share it on facebook or twitter or even blog about it on your [google] blog. I would love for you to share something you see here with someone else.

You may have also noticed I've beefed up the blogroll on the right side of the page. If you like what you see here you probably will like some of the blogs on the right.

I'm also using labels now - see those little red words at the bottom of each entry? Well you can click on those and check out other posts like the one you like. Lets say your looking for posts dealing with canning - just click canning and you'll have all the Splendid Minta posts about canning at your fingertips.

And my summer goal for the blog - start noting where I grab inspirational photos so you can link back to the blog or site I've pulled it from. I promise to be better about this.

I may still only have about 15 people that read my blog on a regular basis but for me its not really about who is checking me out. Blogging is such a personal creative outlet for me. I love sharing my projects with others - even if its just sending it out there into cyberworld. So, thank you for being here and thank you for sharing Splendid Minta with others.

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