July 12, 2010

Big Test Tomorrow

My big test is tomorrow.

I've shared this week that I've got big dreams and a big test coming up that will determine those dreams viability - that test is tomorrow.

I've been sorta in this quarter-life crisis over the past couple of years trying to decide where my life is taking me, what I should be doing with my talents and debating a career change. I am happy and in a way, honored to say that I can finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you've been reading for awhile, you probably read that I've wanted to be many things in my life, a realtor, a teacher, an artist, a designer, a house flipper, a mom - I really wanted to be a neonatalogist when I was a kid. Then one day my husband said, "Why don't you just be you?". Novel idea, I know. I gave myself a really hard look. What do I love to do?

My background is in PR and my undergrad degree in Communication Studies played right into that but when we moved to Columbia and then again when we started to think about having a family, I really desired a career that was both creative and "family-friendly". Teaching was an absolute obvious choice and the more I considered it, the education needed and even getting some part time experience in the field, it became a "why didn't I go into teaching to begin with?".

So, I'm following my dreams - and while I never thought I'd say this - going back to school to get my Masters in Teaching - Elementary Education. (hopefully :)) I've got to take the MAT test tomorrow, complete the application process including an interview and I should know before Thanksgiving.

All that to say, please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow and throughout this process. This quarter life crisis thing isn't easy. A lot of my friends have been going through the same thing lately. Check out Caroline's musings over at Notes from Glad Oaks and Katie's big leap of faith at Sweet Tater.

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  1. love this entry -- and thanks for the comment on my blog too! both were so encouraging to me. praying that your test went well today and that every appropriate door opens up for you!


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