May 15, 2010

Sarah Lust

I have a serious design crush. On Sarah Richardson's houses. Seriously, I am alone on this? Why does HGTV put her FABULOUS show on Saturday nights at 8:30pm??? Why? Why not every night of the week? and one more question - Why can't she do my house?

Aren't these stairs so stinkin' cute?

I think I love her design so much - especially this season where she makes over the Farm House - because its whimsical, a little bit country, a tad eclectic and very family friendly.

Anyways, back to toiling on the house - today the DIY gods have not been kind to Eric and I. More on that later when i am done throwing hammers.

Check out Sarah's House on HGTV for more eye candy.

1 comment:

  1. I am so with you on this one. Sarah can turn something old into something "old" looking with a new twist. Love it, love her, and love HGTV!


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