May 22, 2010

Almost able to eat outside...

Well we are getting closer to being able to eat outside. Now we can at least sit but we'll have to eat off our laps because we haven't built the table yet.

An 8 seater was the way to go for sure. We used our current retro chairs and side tables to lay out an imaginary 6 seater and 8 and the patio needs a table to seat 8. YAY!

I started searching for some metal chairs that were fun, a touch mod but classic at the same time. Ebay had some great options but the best deal I could find were "used" from a restaurant supply house that had, as the customer rep said, "surface rust". Immediate PASS. Let me tell you - patio furniture is expensive! Especially if you want something of quality that will last you more than a few years. If you are in the market for outdoor furniture you for sure need to check out restaurant supply - most places will sell to the public as well.

Then I found these beauties, shock of all shocks at Pier 1! Lets just say I haven't shopped at Pier 1 since Freshman year of college for a papisan chair.
So cute huh? A little country, a touch mid century and made of durable powder coated iron and BONUS... On sale! I went to check them out today at our local Pier 1 and they are great, not spindly, not too small, not too big... just right! Plus I managed to hit just at the right time - on sale but still enough at the local distribution center so I could order 8 without having to drive around to all the pier 1s all over South Carolina. So, eight will be ready to pick up next week. YIPEE!!!

We've refined the "look" of the Farm Table we'll be building as well.
Just like this. I even love the navy touch on the leg.

So wish us luck, we'll probably start building this week and it will probably be a mix of several of the plans from knock off wood. UPDATED: Eric will probably start building tonight he's so excited! He just texted me, "Get me some lumber woman".

Pretty soon we'll be saying Bon Apetit! (Just in time for the armpit of SC to really heat up).

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