May 15, 2010

I have a very nice husband....

because he hears... "Honey, can you build me a ____________" or "Honey, today, let's [insert major DIY project here]."

This morning I not only said, "Honey, can we rip out our 1950's closet (and half the plaster at the same time), install a closet organizing system, and take down the sliding closet doors and then install double doors where the sliding doors used to be? AND can we do it TODAY?"

to which he said YES.

I also said, "Don't you think our kitchen needs a kitchen island? I think I need a kitchen island. Honey, can you build me a kitchen island?"

To which he also said... YES!

So here's the inspiration - it needs to be little, like 2'x2'. Now, I admit this small amount of square footage does not seem entirely worth it BUT, visually the kitchen truly does need something there in the middle of the "U" shape. The kitchen also needs a little pop of color. AND a little extra work space would be nice.

So, to recap - it must be: visually light, vintage inspired (maybe turned legs), open storage and butcher block top.

Thank you honey!

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