April 22, 2010

Passing the buck

I have lots to write about and lots of pictures to post from our marathon yard work weekend but today, I am passing the buck.

I would love to introduce you to two of my daily reads.

Here we go.
Meet Eric, my hubby and probably the funniest person I know. (No i am not married to the man above, that's Jim Gaffigan - some say Eric looks like him). So quick witted, passionate about politics, ethics, law, government employment, bs in the south and writes hilarious commentary on all of the above. Check out Running Into Walls.

Meet Katie - new and fabulous food blogger at Sweet Tater. She and I went to college together (Katie - remember the FU get together in Naperthrill???) Check out her adventures in vegetarian, gluten free cuisine and you won't want to miss Caturdays.

For more inspiration on home design, home keeping and the like hit up that the little sidebar to the right.

Ta Ta for now.... I promise I'll fulfill my blogly duties soon.

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