April 14, 2010



I have a big weekend lined up as its the last weekend I'll be home for a few weeks.

On the docket:
- State Farmer's Market Annual Plant & Flower Festival
- taking the Lady Banks Rose down to the G.R.O.U.N.D! (It has totally taken over and I know this seems like a total sin - but it has to be done) - this one's not ours but it looks similar.

- cutting down the the Loquat Tree (planted way to close to the house & looking gangly)
- IF the azaleas are done blooming they'll be getting a haircut too.
- touching up the painted buffet going into the dining room
- running to HD to pick up the new Martha paint colors then heading to the fabric store to *hopefully* find a combo I like for the dining room - yes the DR rears its ugly head again.

If it looks like a lot of yard work, it is! When we bought our house the landscaping hadn't seen any TLC in a few years. Now we get to play catch up - which I think is much better than starting with a totally blank or overworked canvas.

Wish us luck!

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