February 1, 2011

Baby did a bad, bad thing

I think I write more posts about how much of a bad blogger I am than anything else. Pardone me por favor.

It's all about balance.

I just watched Eat Pray Love. You see, if you know me well you, know I hold the book (notice I didn't say the movie) in high regard, and I've been holding off watching the movie because I am afraid it will ruin the book for me. Good news is, it didn't (although Eric can attest to the fact that for most of the movie, I was yelling at the TV saying, "I can't believe they left that part out!"). The movie did do one thing for me tonight, and it seems a timely lesson, life is about balance.

Right now, I am balancing school, wifedom, a little tiny bit of employment and other personal activities such as blogging, crafting and gardening. Writing it all in one sentence like that diminishes the duties but I assure you I am one busy girl. I am kinda struggling in this very moment to balance life. Being a wife and student is of the upmost importance and the rest just kinda has to fall in line. Right now however, there is not much of anything else going on and I am feeling a little out of balance because of it. I am working on it though.

I've got some great posts coming up for you like, "This one time at bandcamp, I mean school" - buhlieve me, you are going to get sick of me talking about school and "Thing's I've learned about Southern Gardens". I've got some great visual inspiration to share too. Please, please stay tuned, I owe you big time for seeing me through this balancing act.

I did find time to go out with the girls last week. It was a bittersweet farewell dinner to my friend April from A. Liz Adventures. Can you spot her?
She's the adorable one, 2nd from the left. We miss you already April!

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