October 27, 2010

The one where I embarrass myself.

Allow myself to introduce myself. I am not above making a fool of myself (especially when it comes to costume). I had planned on writing a post on how to DIY our Bunsen & Beaker Costumes from last Halloween, but I got distracted by all the crazy photos of myself in iPhoto. Without further ado.
This one's from New Year's several years back. I'm super classy here - especially with the wine cooler and whiteboard in the background.

I call this "Gangsta Martha [Stewart]".

80's party - "I'm a little bit disco death rattle, he's a little bit preppy..."

Notice the theme of alcohol in combo with the dress up.

Finally, a dress up shot from an actual Halloween party.

and another non-dress up holiday - St. Pat's in Chicago!

Even Eric has a thing for making a fool of himself. (sorry honey, I owe you for letting me share this).


  1. i don't know if it's better or worse that my picture involved no intoxication whatsoever...

  2. bunsen and beaker were the ultimate.


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