June 3, 2010

Upcycled Gardens at Shinola

During my trip to Greenville and Shinola (which is my new favorite store, btw) I was enamored with the "upcycled urban garden" going on in the back of the store. Let me just say, this store has EVERYTHING - furniture including tables, chairs, chests, etc; salvage, reclaimed garden stuff, art and SO much more. I think I could spend 10 hours in the store and still not see everything.

Outside they have stuff that won't fit inside and they've turned the lot into an urban vegetable garden. Think iron headboards and grates turned into climbing walls for squash and cucumbers, mannequin forms for tomato supports and random glass and concrete forms everywhere. I was seriously in love.
These pics make it look a little junky, but it was seriously so charming, plenty of places to look. I especially loved the old scalloped iron border sprinkled throughout.

A quick google search for upcycled gardens, urban gardens, found objects in gardens didn't yield a whole lot of images but I managed to find a few more inspiration photos. Hope you enjoy.
I think next year I'm going to try and incorporate a few "found objects" into the garden. Do you have any whimsy in your garden?

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