June 8, 2010

Photoshop vs. Polyvore

Confession: I have been desiring (aka pining) for Photoshop so I can create nice little vignettes on my blog.

Like this:
and just tonight I discovered Polyvore!!! Have you guys seen this?? Seriously, if you blog or have lots of free time to poke around you have to check it out. You can search for items in fashion, art, home decor and create little clusters of beautiful images that are currently for sale from thousands of online retailers.

Here is my first creation. I used the above page as inspiration for items.
I am loving the color Seafoam as of late and love these beachy items.

So who needs photoshop when you have polyvore?? I haven't played around with it for a really long time but I think you can import your own images to cluster too.... BONUS!!!!

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