June 14, 2010

Diggin' Deep

Its already in the 100's (aka hot as Hades) here in Columbia so I've been spending a lot of time inside. Can you blame me?

To occupy my time, I've signed up for a two week free trial on Ancestry.com to dig deep into my family tree. I've found some amazing things including the ship registry from when my Great Grandfather came to NY from Palermo, Italy in 1899.

My dad sent me this "Passaporto" this afternoon as fodder for my search. I wish I could make out more but its frame-worthy all by itself.
I've got all sides of our families racking their brains for details they may remember about our family. Someday I hope to put together a book from one of the online publishing companies to compile all the info. I've learned in my short time as a genealogist that the search is never done. I don't know when I would call it complete enough to click "publish".

If you're relegated to the indoors, there are plenty of less productive ways to use your time I guess. Wish me luck!

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