May 6, 2011

Baby got back!

The back of our house has seen a major transformation over the last year.

This is a picture of when we bought it in 2009. Notice the massive rose tree in front of the patio. And the "deck" under the window (and blocking the window). The beds were overgrown and vines climbed up the side of the house.
Here we are in summer of 2010. We cut the lady banks rose down to the ground, pulled all the fig vine off the house (except for below the window on the patio), cleaned out the bed in front of the patio and transplanted a couple of crepe myrtles. We also took down the part of the "deck" covering that window (the third window from the left).
And 2011... well, hello Back of the House, nice to finally meet you! Notice the deck is all gone, there is a new bed in place with a new brick border (thank you to my super sweet Mom & Dad who came for Easter and of course Eric!) with more crepe myrtles and sun loving plants like day lillies and lantanas.
Soooo much better and BONUS. Our house looks huge now!

Just in case you are wondering, we live in a one story, raised ranch built into a slope so that the crawlspace is actually a one car garage with a large workspace. There is a door you can't see just to the left of the AC unit in the last picture.

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