November 29, 2010

Inspiration Dumping Ground: Kitchen Ideas

Seems I've gotten a little flak from you-know-who about how many photos I save for "inspiration". He's really right, my desktop is riddled with photos like if only I had a kitchen like this, or our next house HAS to have a dining room with a fireplace ... hey a girl can dream!

In an effort to condense my desktop folder, I've decided to dump 'em here. Hopefully they'll inspire you too. Up first, the Kitchen Collection

Now that they are all in one spot, you can see the common threads that I'm drawn to: simple, white based - yet colorful, a touch whimsical or retro, charming spaces that invite you in for a cup of coffee or canning party with your girlfriends.


  1. don't be mad, but the bus you just threw me under left some nasty tire tread stains on my shirt...

  2. I think that you and I want the same kitchen... big white cabinetry/butcher block island/love the aqua... I want dark floors and a fireplace..but it says warm,inviting,charming,and vintage to spread out or nest!

  3. agreed! but hey, I would take yellow, green or blue cabinets too :)


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