November 27, 2010

Say Cheese!

Christmas came a little early around here.

We've upgraded our hardware and finally sprung for a Digital SLR camera.

Up til now, we've been using a great point a shoot digital, Canon Powershot SD750 to be exact. Our point and shoot has served us incredibly well. It's great for outdoor shots and takes surprisingly great Macro shots buuuut, we've always been photography nerds - both of us taking photography in college and valuing a great SLR (read: interchangeable lens camera).

So, after much saving and deliberation we sprung for the Nikon D3000. We considered all the major camera companies, played with them at the big box stores over the years but it really boiled down to price and reviews we researched, plus I've used a Nikon for work before and love it's ease of use and great photographs.

The D3000 is considered an intro Digital SLR, great for beginners to intermediate photogs and will serve us well for years to come.

So far, I'm loving it! Most notable differences so far - those yummy fuzzy backgrounds you get with a long depth of field and wide aperture and when taking pictures of rooms, the angle is wider and crisper.... see: the first one is taken with the old camera and the second from the new one - while they were taken about 3 months apart, they are from roughly the same angle.
what a difference!

in case you are wondering, we referenced Pioneer Woman a lot for the "non-photographer" advice on photography. I could spend hours on her site. If you've never been there you must live under a rock. No offense.

Cheers to better photos!

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  1. Luckyyyyy!! PS I can't believe you guys have your tree up already! Did you start decorating right after Halloween?? It looks beautiful!


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