June 12, 2012

save me from the torment

Can someone please save me? Ever see a person in a commercial or TV show and know you've seen them somewhere else? That's me right now. Because of this girl:
Yes, that girl right there in the middle - I know I've seen her from somewhere.

Is she that girl who interviewed to replace Charlotte at her gallery? (I'll save you the google search: The episode is called Time and Punishment, it's season 4, episode 7) I cannot find a full cast list and search for "girl in Wendy's commercial sex and the city charlotte replacement gallery" surprisingly yielded no results.

So people who are better at the internets and have minds like steel traps, HELP!

Here's the full video:

PS - can I just say it took me sooooooo long to figure out thats who I at least thought it might be?

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