June 29, 2011

Mystery Chairs: Partially solved

Ok, so remember my mystery chairs?
I have a pair of these that I got on ebay for a song. well, maybe a song and a half but still a good deal and it was within my budget.

Recently, as we've been thinking about where we will live when we sell the house, we've been talking about recovering them. It's been a fun "dreaming project" where every time we walk by them we say, "Hey honey, what about a yellow floral?" .... "Hmm.... I think a retro print, maybe in a blue?"

Tonight I did a little google image searching after finding my old ebay purchase listing to know what key words to search for. Enter search terms: Hollywood Regency Slipper Chair.

BINGO. I found a pair just like mine. I mean CRAZZZY. Granted this set has been recushioned/reupholstered and is for sale in a fancy store. But they are just like mine!!!

The bad news is, they don't know the creator either. Boo hiss... They are listing them as 1970's which is totally cool with me. And for $2400 for the pair, I have plenty of wiggle room on the reupholstery costs.

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