September 29, 2010

Smells like...

CORN CHIPS! bet you thought I was going say Teen Spirit.
I love these paws - Lucy has eau de Frito-Lay and Charlie is a bit more "off brand" corn chip.
What'd you thay about my pawth?

Forgive me, for I cannot get enough of them and their corn chip smelling paws.

PS - as I type Charlie is going all Steve Irwin on a house fly. Eric is narrating in an "outback" accent... "Watch as the Foxhound stalks it's prey. It's natural coloring helps it blend in to the couch... and the trim. The Foxhound has no natural enemies except for kitchen beeps and swinging doors. Let's watch."


  1. this is amazing. i have another friend who says her dog smells like a frito. what's the DEAL?

  2. i think it has something to do with yeast or corn in their diets. I notice it the most after they have been napping. i know a lot of hound owners (especially beagles and bassets) who have the same phenomenon - love it!


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